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Physical Therapy Passaic County and Bergen County NJ

At Ultima Sports and Spine, we strive to give our patients the best quality of rehabilitation. From our front desk staff to our therapists, our personnel is committed to fostering a positive rehab experience. We promote all forms of orthopedic, adult physical therapy, and specialize in treating an active, functional, and motivated patient population.
Our physical therapy clinic is a dynamic and progressive outpatient rehabilitation center. Our Bergen and Passaic County NJ physical therapists offer world-class care to help patients return to a healthy, productive lifestyle. We use the best available techniques and treatments to tailor your care — whether you’re recovering from an injury or looking for relief from chronic aches and pains. Just as important, we help patients learn how to prevent injury and disease in the future.
Many people think physical therapy is only for people who recently had an injury. But physical therapy can help treat a variety of long-term (also known as chronic) aches and pains.

Our specialties include the following:

  • elbow care
  • foot & ankle care
  • hip care
  • knee care
  • pelvic floor rehabilitation
  • pregnancy & post-partum care
  • shoulder care
  • spine care
  • sports medicine, and
  • trauma.

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